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C-Lightning Release v0.7.3: Bitcoin’s Proof of Stake · ElementsProject/lightning · GitHub

“The Bitcoin Fund” given green light to list on stock exchange in Canada

Chinese Communist Party Launches Very Own “Xitcoin,” Thanks Zuckerberg for the Idea

Tony Hawk Responded- might bring his ramp to Bitcoin 2020!!!

Bitcoin Thrust Into the Spotlight Following Banking Outages in America

It’s always so fun for Bitcoiners to pull up these gems in the media…. “J.P. Morgan to settle allegations of violating sanctions: U.S. Treasury”… but somehow Bitcoin is the villain

Love the new Halloween theme on Cryptowatch!

Serious Question: What Legistlation can we support in order to have bitcoin be a currency and not taxed?

And/or all digital currencies. Real truth. What would it cost, do we have to send $100k to every US Senator?

And what would the text of such a law look like.

Is there any bill or politician we can support?

Okay thanks.

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They’re on to something

Switzerlands biggest online shop adding crypto – Several!